This is the digital age of self-expression, where the Internet is the world’s art gallery – imbedded in a world of reduced arts programs where the desire for instant gratification is pervasive. Software programs are media tools that can enhance artwork, but lack the hands-on feel of artistic media when applied to a wide range of surface textures that produces a unique sensitivity to creative exploration and allows for serendipity. These processes cannot be learned through a computer program or applied by the click of a button. Introducing young people to the arts expands culture, deepens connectivity, self-expression and arts appreciation that will impact future society. Adult students wanting a creative outlet can use art to heal lifetime memories and find fulfillment in acquiring new skills.  

Opportunities to receive studio experience rooted in observation, where a student develops eye-hand coordination through hands-on application of techniques is critical. These processes create a foundation for visual expression. Developing diversity in artistic styles and media usage, grounded in traditional concepts, expands expressiveness and enhances visual communication. Competency and technical proficiency with an adherence to craftsmanship challenges students to learn patience and discipline to help develop their creativity. 

Working individually with students of all levels, assessing their traditional or contemporary tendencies with respect to their abilities, I facilitate transition in their visual thinking process through observation and systematic instruction. I demonstrate applications of drawing mediums to explore how mark making can communicate form and feeling through line quality, introduce concepts of underlying geometric shapes, depict various application techniques for rendering values and edges to show how light falls on surfaces and introduce the importance of composition, rhythm, proportion and conceptual thoughtfulness to produce a compelling whole - concepts applicable to all artistic pursuits from landscape painting to 3D - building one process onto the next. The best contemporary, cutting edge art when analyzed intuit these principles. This stimulates class discussion and sharpens perception as students’ individual expression, competence, and confidence emerges.